Saturday, August 13, 2005

Sexy Fans

Erotica Lee 1 is a flat-out gorgeous site. Lili G. has a bit of CassieÂ’s background (Italian-Canadian instead of Italian-American). She combines lush writing with PhotoShop-type enhanced erotic photography of herself taken by her husband (actually PS is too generic for her, she uses 4 specialized image-manipulation programs). A long-time supporter and link to Beyond You & Me, her site is one of the really special treats for the eye and the mind. The product of an incredibly rocky childhood (her mother committed suicide when she was 13), she learned about sex on the streets turning tricks. Makes Cassie's struggles seem puny in comparison. She actually has more than one site, with Erotica Lee 2 entirely visual, Morph Naked for heavily-manipulated photography, Erotica Lee 3 for interviews, etc..

One blog that's coming on strong is The Rosary. Unlike with Beyond You & Me where I will only be posting some of the book, the author of The Rosary is putting up a chapter a day. It's the story of a married couple of swingers and their move from fantasy to reality. There are some cool touches, including the fact that it's written by a woman, but in the voice of a man. There's also a German lover involved (Claudia), so naturally I was intrigued. The writing is straightforward and descriptive, without the over-the-top smut superlatives and jargon ("I was cumming and cumming"). The sex isn't described in florid detail, either. When Pete and Pen and their swinging partners Alex and Grace end up in a Paris sex club, the wildest it gets is Grace giving a stranger a blowjob: "From the acceleration in his breathing and his thrusting pelvis, I sensed that Laurent was on the verge of coming. Instinctively, I pulled back as he burst, adorning Grace's pale face and dark hair with his pearly necklace. Like dominoes, the men masturbating behind us followed on with their own noisy ejaculations, going over the edge one by one." This one definitely deserves a wide audience.

Girls, you owe it to yourselves to check out Remmy at Der Versucher ("the tempter," also a nickname for Satan). My father always told me "do one thing and do it well." Remmy's blog is mostly very creative photos of his penis. It sounds, well, odd, but it works. I'm not a connoisseur of male genitalia, but I do admire the moxy and self-confidence. He's trim and youngish, so it works as erotica, though it IS sorta narrow in focus. German boys with sex appeal, Cassie would understand that!

One of the better rundowns of things sexual is Viviane's Sex Carnival. A sort of NY Post "Page Six" for sex, Viviane recounts whatever's hot in the world of carnality. A friend and playmate of Jefferson and Madeline, she's lovely in her Anna May Wong B & W portrait. Where's Dietrich from "Shanghai Express"?

And finally, the newest girl on the block is Dr. Susan Block. Former Yalie (Class of 1977) and contemporary of the real Cassie, a PhD sex therapist, cable TV and radio show hostess, and all-around sexual mischief-maker, Suzy is a combination of insatiable tease, fun-maker and sex cheerleader. Her outrageous site both promotes her shows and books, as well as offering a "members only" portion for behind-the-scenes access to the antics of her libidinous guests: porn stars doing all the imagination can imagine, erotic performance artists, and anyone connected with sex. Yours truly has an open invitation to be a guest on her show when it's time for a book tour to LA. I wonder if I should bother with a new wardrobe or just bring along a thong? Dr. Suzy is more than just another media erotica peddler, and has a serious side to herself and her website, including a foundation for research into pygmy chimpanzees (very horny chimps, her site points out). This site is really a lot of fun and has so many facets to it, I can't begin to describe them all, except to say you'll enjoy yourself at every turn.