Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Book Tagged!

I was "book tagged" by Red at “The Red Sneaker Diaries.” It's one of the hotter sex blogs out there (and a fan of BY & M). The idea is to answer four questions and tag 5 other people (a literary chain letter, if you will).

Shall I answer for myself or Cassie? How about a two-fer?

1.) Total number of books you’ve owned:

a.) W. S. Cross: Thousands. Writers always own too many books.

b.) Cassie DiMarco: Probably hundreds. Reading is her #1 favorite pasttime (well, at least with the lights on)

2.) The Last Book I Bought:

a.) W. S. Cross: Great Expectations

b.) Cassie: The Pure and the Impure by Colette

3.) Last Book I Read:

a.) W. S. Cross: Ginny Good by Gerard Jones, the enfant terrible of publishing because of his notorious web site "Everyone Who’s Anyone In Publishing". His novel is set in San Francisco during the 60s. Very sweet, very tragic, and I went to high school with Ginny Goods.

b.) Cassie: Portrait of a Marriage is the last important book in Cassie’s life that’s mentioned in the novel. Check out the links section here to see the many other books that are mentioned.

4.) 5 Books that Mean Something to Me:

a.) W. S. Cross:

i.) First Book: Goodnight Moon
ii.) First Read: Stegosaurus of Cricket Creek
iii.) Most Times Read: Never read books more than once (not entirely true: Great Expectations because it comes up in the novel)
iv.) Largest Impact: The Sound & the Fury (tooks years to stop trying to write like Faulkner)
v.) Biggest Page Turner: The real Cassie’s Journal (finished it in one night)

b.) Cassie:

i.) First Book: We don’t meet Cassie until she’s 24 and she doesn’t talk about things that early in her life
ii.) First Read: either Tom Swift or Nancy Drew
iii.) Most Times Read: Probably Wuthering Heights
iv.) Largest Impact: The Feminine Mystique
v.) Biggest Page Turner: Portrait of a Marriage (she reads it in one continuous sitting after the BIG NIGHT that is the turning point in the novel-- can't say too much about it, you'll have to buy the book when it comes out)

5.) Tag Five People:

a.) Edge of Desire
b.) RG
c.) Stephanie Ellis
d.) Katie
e.) A Girl From Home