Saturday, May 21, 2005

A closer look at some of our fans

Ex-Millennial Girl

Stephanie Ellis is also telling a woman's story about something that happened in the past: in this case, her adventures as a stripper during the wild "" days. It's anything but the Internet cliché it sounds like, with none of the usual salacious baloney that comes over as fictional because it is. That's not to say the subject matter and Stephanie's photos don't reward the voyeuristic impulse. Check out her account of a trip to New York (sans boyfriend) where she wishes amid her loneliness that one of her co-workers would put some moves on her (and boyfriend "wouldn't count it as cheating"). That's something Cassie could relate to! Yet Stephanie's impulse to reveal all, whether flattering or embarrassing, is something you don't find on the other stripper blogs. Her accounts of female hecklers or errant tampon strings (bad when you're a nude dancer) are part of a down-to-earth, honest voice that looks-- without blinking-- at herself and those around her.

Tara Tainton

Tara Tainton also has a frank, earthy persona that she combines with erotic writing. Are her escapades fiction or confessional? She never quite says, but the implication (accompanied by much heavy breathing) is that it's a "wink, wink, nudge, nudge" British-style naughty voyeur's eye view we're getting. And it's a pleasing view, too, accompanied by photographs of the lovely Tara that are titillating without over-exposure, and which leave the viewer with a desire to see more (not something one can say about most of the Internet). Few of the photos are much wilder than a Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue, but their small size and grainy detail leave a lot to the imagination-- with the exception of one showing a very attractive bare bottom. Her site and its motif of frank confession of course find favor here.

The Hot Wife

And finally our thanks to Trash at "The Hot Wife," who has been among our earliest fans and most ardent supporters. The name about says it all: swingers with a focus on the woman playing and the man watching. There's nothing subtle here, and it's not meant any other way than as a primal celebration of the polyamorous lifestyle. Cassie's adventures brought up-to-date. Primarily a conduit to pay sites where couples and singles flaunt their natural gifts and uninhibited lust, the joy in frank sexuality sets this site apart from those who simply peddle porn.