Wednesday, June 22, 2005

And still more fans of Beyond You & Me:

Some of the best sex writing is coming from overworked & underf*cked. If, as the author claims, she really isn't getting enough, then bless me, I'm simply breathless, because she seems to be notching her bedpost with a forthrightness and honesty that's stunning. Women can learn a lot from her about getting what they want in a sexual relationship, and men can learn what NOT to do (if they've got a tough hide and can stand her hilariously acerbic honesty). The site is witty, full of interesting commentary and sexy photos. Cassie would approve of a woman who's this forthright and honest.

An early fan of Beyond You & Me was "the goddess Freya," who can be found at Freya's House of Dreams. It wasn't until I constructed this site and began cruising the Internet to find like-minded readers and writers that I realized how many on-line journals there are by and/or about women who are in submissive/dominant relationships. Gloria Brame was one of the pioneers in this sort of thing (her book Different Loving is something of a classic). When Freya took a brief, mysterious hiatus last month, hinting she might never return to the airwaves, fans left notes of panic and condolences (including yours truly). Thankfully she's back with new vigor. Her paeans to sex will blow you away with their directness. Talk about unmediated (that's a Deconstruction term that Cassie has to wade through; see "Deconstruction" at right for more on it and the "Yale School" of literary theory). Her longings to be bent over and fucked will fry the circuits of conventional sexuality and feminism, but few can convey the complete abandon of unmediated sensual desire in more compelling terms.

For those who like a changing variety in their erotic writing, I refer you to Private Booth. As the rather salacious title suggests, this is where erotic fantasies are played out, but they're not fantasies anymore once they arrive there. Non-fiction mostly (Kim bent the rules slightly for Beyond You & Me, but this book is based on a real journal). The quality of the writing varies naturally, depending on the contributor, but the material is always naughty and fascinating. What IS it about we humans that we so love to peep in on other people having sex? Is it because we?re afraid of missing out on something? Hmmm, now there was that report I heard about the other day concerning peanut butter and blow jobs....

And finally, a book about sexual infidelity at Yale could hardly fail to applaud a blog about sex on campus, even if it takes place in cyberspace across the ocean. O. is in the United Kingdom (those randy Brits!) while her beloved is in the U.S. Eros & Logos is the ultimate in virtual sex: a woman student is having an affair with her professor, but it's all on-line at this point. He's reading what she's writing about him, and the writing is definitely steamy. I only wish O. would bring the story along a little faster! But how can Beyond You & Me, which takes place in the Comp. Lit Dept. at Yale, not get a tickle from a site that mentions Wittgenstein? As in "Wittgenstein says that philosophy is a battle against the bewitchment of our intelligence by means of language." Cassie had to put up with that sort of thing from P. and S. all the time.

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