Monday, June 27, 2005

"The Small Death" Takes Center Stage

With "Girls Gone Wild" videos, amateur sex tapes being sold all over the 'Net and Paris Hilton becoming a light industry because, well, I'm not sure why, but it should come as no surprise there's a pay site with over 300 videos showing what the French call "le petit mort" ("the small death"), otherwise known as climax, orgasm, coming, getting off, spanking the monkey, etc.

I'm not sure why anyone would pay to see orgasming faces with nothing else in evidence; the camera is stationary and doesn't go below the arm pits (sorry, boys), but there you have it. As a species, we do seem to be fascinated watching others experience sex, and one of the pay-offs of pornography has been the search for realism. Presumably these young folks are not faking it, and I can imagine watching a few of them once or twice (well, maybe more than twice).

I encountered this over at September's Girl, one of my regular stops and a long-time fan of Beyond You & Me.

The offerings look about 4-1 female to male, and the exhibitionistic among you can join the mug shot line-up. They even promise to pay you for this look at your most intimate (and sometimes, most ridiculous) moment, though not everyone looks good coming. The age range is 20s to 30s and there's not much ethnic diversity. In the interest of the majority of Beyond You & Me's fan base, I would've posted a male demo as more appropriate, but the only one they have for sampling is kinda scraggly-looking. Besides, I somehow would be surprised if women are shelling out $15 a month to watch men writhe in pleasure, but what do I know?

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