Thursday, June 30, 2005

Sad News

(photo courtesy Roger Katz)

A bit of Beyond You & Me will soon be lost to history. The York Square Cinema, where Cassie goes to see the classic B&W film, "Design For Living," will be closing soon, a victim of hardball movie business practices. Here's a link to the newspaper story.

York Square reaches final reel; The End is near

Hey, some of you thought I was hyping you when I said this novel is based on a true story that happened in real places. Just click on the links at the right "The World of Beyond You & Me" to learn more. There's hours and hours of information there that is covered in the book.

And isn't it somehow appropriate that the photo above has "Kissing Jessica Stein," the least possibly offensive comedy about lesbianism that could possibly be invented by two non-lesbians?

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