Friday, June 03, 2005

More fans of Beyond You & Me:

I was happy giving some virtual ink to three fans’ sites last week, so let’s do it again.

First off is a wonderful site called The Realm of the Demon Queen. The satuesque and blond Queen offers up photos (), slammin' music and sexy stories (and many poems). Don't know who the lady is in the passenger seat of a car in the B&W photo below from her site, but it's the absolute icon for automobile sex.

Although she has teamed up with the Demon King, the posts are mostly about her sexual adventures (you know our site is going to champion writing about strong women who take matters into their own hands!), along with advice to men on how to please the ladies in matters of love. For example, don't use porn to learn proper sex etiquette (changing a flat tire for a strange damsel in distress will not automatically entitle you to a blow-job by the side of the road-- unless, perhaps you live in Chatsworth, CA where 99% of the porn films are shot). I particularly loved the one about a dreamy hunk in her apartment building who turned out to be a dud in bed. DQ figured all the other women in the building would be envying her, when all she wanted to do was wail from the rooftops about how inadequate a lover he was in all aspects (including length!). Yet this isn’t your average sex blog; with the addition of the Demon King, the site has evolved into a long-running, illustrated love story now, one with captions and music. Gotta celebrate love!

The Red Sneaker Diaries has moved from a free blog to a commercial dot com site because this is a popular on-line journal. If ex-millennial girl posts pictures of herself to prove she really exists, then The Red Sneaker Diaries have taken her one level more intimate: photos of her pierced naughty bits. Yikes, hurts just to think about it, though she raves about the stimulation. As the French would say, chacun à son gôut. Certainly a testament to a girl who won’t let anything stand in the way of her total pleasure, both with a boyfriend and "Anna." Cassie would approve.

Anita’s Erotica is a fascinating collection of erotic stories that are well-organized and easy to sample. Her bio says she’s a student, and if this is so, it’s a very auspicious debut. “Molly’s Nantucket Adventure” series is laid-out like a book, and you can follow them chronologically. It’s the sexual awakening of a shy, awkward young woman who comes to appreciate the touch of both sexes (very appropriate for Cassie DiMarco’s story).

A Girl From Home isn’t the kind of girl you bring home to mom. The sub-title says it all: a porn-addicted housewife. Maybe if more housewives were into erotica, they wouldn’t be so desperate? And is it me, or has that show run out of ideas? Anyway, not to wander too much, AGFH is smart, sexy and ranges all over the place. We appreciate the support.

And finally, The Urban Grind is a fan and we’re a fan of hers. Cassie might be one of the sexier protagonists around, not just because she’ll pose naked sitting on Timothy Dwight’s lap, or sleeps with multiple partners. No, it’s because she’s got a brain, as well as the looks to go with it (the list of books referenced in the novel at right is just one reason why she’s no bimbo). The Urban Grind celebrates a woman's mind: it has no nude photos, no erotica, no accounts of personal sexual escapades, it's just sharp, witty and well-written, with its politics pointedly on the right. TUG has been one of our earliest supporters, and its political commentary is well worth reading, whether you agree with her positions or not. Its author has just started Madison Avenue Maverick offering a gad-fly Conservative examination of the media.

And this mention of politics leads me to ask everyone who's reading along: have you entered the Beyond You & Me contest yet? First prize is an archival print from the novel's illustrations sampled on these pages. What prompts me to ask? One of the questions is: what are Cassie’s politics 30 years later? Hmmm, worth pondering. In 1975, she was a McGovern Democrat. Have those politics (or her sexual orientation, for that matter) changed? Enter the contest and tell me what you think.