Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Fans August 2005 (sorry, almost no sex)

While a lot of Cassie's fans are sex bloggers, there are numerous ones who just like what they read here. A True Jersey Girl is pretty much representative of the modern woman today: opinionated, generous, funny, talkative, down-to-earth, a lady who speaks her mind and has lots of friends leaving funny comments on her site. Sub-titled "Big Hair, Bon Jovi and Bruce," she's just as likely to show you her family photos as tell you why the governor pissed her off recently. Ever wonder how Jersey girls think? Here's your chance to find out.

An early fan was Grad Student Madness. Like S. he's a student of European history. Cassie is typing S.'s Senior thesis (on the Versailles Convention) after she meets him in Yale Library's "Manuscripts & Archives" division. He's researching the Edward House papers on the Versailles negotiations (a big-wig in Woodrow Wilson's administration and a past president of Yale). How can a novel that has Paul de Man and Deconstruction not like a blog that talks about Derrida, the inventor of the movement? Sorry, no sex, just ideas!

Another blog from academe is The Invisible Adjunct. Adjuncts are instructors hired by colleges and universities to teach individual courses. They are poorly-paid, get no benefits, and usually are not eligible for tenure, the system that allows professors to gain lifetime employment. The site is now dormant because its author reluctantly gave up her quest to join the world of full-time tenured professorship, but it's a wealth of information and links to other things in the world of academe.

Now Pussy Ranch sounds pretty salacious and more like many of our regular fans, especially if you consider it's written by an ex-stripper who will show photos of herself dressed in nothing but a whipped cream bra. But there's actually very little sex here, just funny observations on life and no comments allowed by the peanut gallery. Diablo Cody is too busy sorting out things for herself to bother with any interference. Witty, funny at times, always off-beat.

More up the alley of its name is Pussy Talk by DTG (Dirty Talking Girl). One of the better sex blogs out there, the writing is snappy, the themes are racy and salacious, and there's almost no bullshit factor (ads, photos, distracting stuff). If you like your sex writing cool and unemotional (the polar opposite of the searing, passionate Demon Queen, Freya, or O), then be sure to blogroll DTG's Pussy Talk.