Thursday, August 18, 2005

Our First Contest: Cassie in 2005

Here's your chance to win a free art photograph, signed and numbered, like the one above. Blogger users can enter a comment. If you prefer, email your responses to:

wscross at gmail dot com.

I have not posted enough of the novel for fans of this site to know Cassie completely, but below is a list of characteristics about her circa 1975. Following that list is one containing questions about what Cassie would be like today. There are no “right” answers, so let your intuition and instincts lead you.

First Prize: The entry with the best projection of Cassie’s character 30 years after the novel takes place will win a copy of the photograph (a $50 value).

Second Prize: A Beyond You & Me T-shirt signed by the author.

Third prize: No third prize, just the satisfaction of getting mentioned.

All entries become the property of the author.

In 1975, Cassie was:
1. 24 years old
2. Married
3. Working as a secretary
4. A McGovern Democrat
5. Had erotic relationships with men and women
6. Did not want kids
7. Listened to the Blues
8. Lived in New Haven, CT
9. Wanted to attend Yale
10. Kept a journal

In 2005, Do you think Cassie is
1. Still living? Not everyone made it out of the Sexual Revolution alive
2. Married, divorced, single?
3. What kind of work is she doing?
4. Is she a Republican, Democrat or Independent?
5. Gay, bisexual or straight?
6. Childless or has kids?
7. What kinds of music does she listen to?
8. Where does she live now?
9. Did she ever attend college? Was it Yale?
10. Still keeps a journal? Writes a blog? Is too busy for either?

Now everyone enter! Otherwise Demon Queen will end up with all three prizes.