Friday, August 26, 2005

Wilma's Sex Quiz

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Borrowed this quiz from the frisky Wilma over at Fred & Wilma's Fun. I have supplied answers based on Cassie as she is in the novel:

1. How old are you? 24.

2. What is your sexual orientation? I guess bisexual. Being married, I'm not sure what that means.

3. Are you attracted to any particular type of women/men? Petite? Trashy? Curvy? Tall? Boyish women, but not masculine. I like good-looking men, but don't have a particular type. Well-groomed and nicely-dressed.

4. Any particular hair/eye color? No.

5. How many virginities have you taken? Gosh, who keeps count? Be sure to put down that I'm batting my eyelashes playfully with THAT answer. I suppose one boyfriend in high school. And then there's Jessica....

6. How often do you masturbate? Daily? Few times a week? Usually a few times a week. My sex life with my husband is good. In fact, I often masturbate while we're making love. It gets things off to a wondeful start.

7. Favorite place to masturbate? In bed. I have tried other places, but it's easier to focus on the task at hand (pardon my pun).

8. Favorite subject to masturbate about? A vibrator makes me come like with another woman, so I usually think of being taken that way.

9. Do you have a fetish? If so, what? Reading.

10. Are you dominant, submissive, or both in the bedroom? I just like to feel good. I "go with the flow." I'm not into whips, handcuffs and the like.

11. Tied up? Blindfolded? Spanks? Wax? P. spanked me once. He blindfolded me another time. But it's not something I find terribly compelling, or anything I want to do on a regular basis. More like eating a rich dessert: don't make a habit of it, or it may lose its specialness. I had my legs waxed once. That was pretty painful.

12. Lingerie? Stockings? That's for guys. I wear them to please men. They're uncomfortable and expensive. Nothing will ruin a sexy evening for me faster than running a pair of $12 stockings the first time I wear them.

13. Foreplay... what is your technique? Lots of kissing, followed by fingers.

14. Do you role play with your significant other? If so, what is your favorite? Hmmm, we pretend different things, usually with me as some kind of slut, or as if we had another woman in bed.

15. Do you frequent a naughty store, catalog order? No!! I'd be too embarrassed.

17. How old were you when you first saw a dirty magazine? Nineteen. It was a Swedish photo mag with a couple doing all the usual things. Another letter carrier in the post office showed it to me. I was never sure about her sexual orientation, so use your own judgment about why she wanted me to look at it. The last page showed the man ejaculating on her face. I remember feeling both grossed out and simultaneously fascinated by it, and that they'd allowed themselves to be photographed in that very intimate way. I realized later they probably weren't a couple, just a couple of models hired for the shoot. I have learned a lot in the past six years.

18. Do you currently have a subscription? If so, which ones? Are you kidding! No!

19. Do have a porn movie collection? [W.S. Cross replies: the VCR had not yet become widespread in 1975]

22. Have you performed or know what a Dirty Sanchez is? Don't know.

23. Boat? Train? Motorcycle? ATV? ????? P. told me "pulling a train" means to have sex with a whole string of people one after the other. He tells me I'm multi-orgasmic enough to do something like that.

24. A member of the Mile-High club? ????

25. Do you have a name for your genital area? If so, who named it? No!

26. Which way does your clitoral clock wind? Clockwise, or counter clockwise? Don't know. Whichever way gets me off.

27. What do you like to best after sex? Cuddle? Fall asleep? Go get something to eat? Cuddle. I want to feel loved.

28. How often is good enough? Dunno, every day? Certainly not every week!

29. Sexual music preferences? Nothing too complicated or distracting. Rock music makes me want to get up and dance, so nothing with a strong beat.

30. If you could pick anyone, who would you do? My husband, P. Then maybe S. Any attractive woman who's not passive and wimpy.