Monday, August 22, 2005

The Same Interview with P.

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This is the final version of the interview format borrowed from The Holiday Life with his permission and is based on a suggestion by the bewitching Viviane at Viviane's Sex Carnival. I posted it earlier for Cassie at 24 and S. at 21. This will be for P. at 28. Some of you have strong opinions about Cassie's husband, negative and positive. Here's your chance to get to know him a little better.

What do you regard as the lowest depth of misery?
To live without Cassie.

Where would you like to live?
I hate big cities, and prefer universities.

What is your idea of earthly happiness?
To study the great works of literature and perhaps write.

To what faults do you feel most indulgent?
I tend to be intolerant of others' faults.

Who is your favorite hero of contemporary fiction? I haven't read any contemporary fiction since Cassie and I read The Godfather out loud when we were painting our apartment in LA. I must say I admired Michael Corleone for his strength.

Who are your favorite characters in history?
Lincoln, because he saved the Union.

Your favorite painter?
Franz Marc, the German expressionist.

Your favorite composer?
Beethoven, especially his late string quartets.

Your favorite musician?
I once drank Southern Comfort with Janis Joplin. I love the music of "The Summer of Love," including The Jefferson Airplane, The Doors, Moby Grape.

Your favorite film?
"The Conformist" by Bertolucci. The several narrative strands are as good as any novel.

The qualities you most admire in a man?
Honesty and integrity.

The physical qualities you most admire in a man?
I'm not attracted to men.

The qualities you most admire in a woman?
Energy and sweetness. Cassie has both.

Favorite ethnic or racial type?
Italian-American women are lovely, but their passions are sometimes hard for me to deal with. I'm the product of a repressed WASP upbringing.

The physical qualities you most admire in a woman?
I've always been a tit man.

How old where you when you had your first sexual experience with a woman?
I was eighteen, rather late to the party. Too bookish and tight.

What was the age difference?
She was a senior in high school, so perhaps the same age.

Conventional sex?

How old where you when you had your first sexual experience with a man?
I have never slept with a man, and have no interest in doing so.

Where is the most outrageous locale you had sex with a woman?
Cassie and I once had sex on the shore of Lake Tahoe.

Where is the most outrageous locale you had sex with both a man and a woman?
I would prefer not to answer that question.

Have you had sexual experiences with the friend of a girlfriend or spouse?

Have you had sexual experiences with a colleague of your girlfriend/spouse?

Have you had sexual experiences with a colleague from the office?
Yes. Cassie and I slept with a woman grad student from the German Department.

Have you ever watched your significant other have sex with another woman?
Yes. Several times.

Is this your most enduring obsession?
I wouldn't call it that. I very much enjoyed it, especially because Cassie did.

What have you watched precisely?
Just about everything.

Are you a voyeur?
I suppose. Aren't all of us potential voyeurs?

Has your wife ever watched you having sex with another woman?
Yes, we've had several trios.

Have you ever paid money for sex?

Have you ever accepted money for sex?
I assume you're joking?

Your favorite virtue?

Your favorite occupation?
I plan on teaching at the university level when I finish my PhD.

Your most marked characteristic?
I don't feel comfortable talking about myself, especially if it sounds like bragging.

What is your principle defect?
Intolerance for the weaknesses of others.

What is your favorite occupation?
College professor.

What is your dream of happiness?
To finish my PhD, find a good teaching job, write the Great American Novel, and make Cassie happy.

What would you like to be?
A good husband and someday a father.

Who are your favorite writers?
Faulkner, Mann, Walther von der Vogelweide, Theodor Fontane.

What are your favorite works of literature?
Bleak House, Great Expectations, Goethe's Elective Affinities. Trakl's poems, Rilke's Sonnets to Orpheus. The list is quite long.

Who is your favorite character of fiction?
Tristan. Although lately I feel more like King Mark in that story.

What works of fiction have influenced your sexual proclivities?

Who is your hero in real life?
Paul de Man.

What person in popular culture do you admire most?
John Cleese from "Monty Python's Flying Circus."

What is it you most dislike?
Knowing that Cassie is miserable at Yale and not being able to do anything about it.

What event in history do you most admire?
The Civil War.

What natural gift would you most like to possess?
A wicked wrist shot.

How would you like to die?
At peace in my bed.

What is your present state of mind?
I'd rather not say. Things recently have been very tough.